My name is Hayley Morgan and I like to tell stories, be this in conversation (around a campfire or at the foot of a weathered leather armchair, for instance), through culture and art, or across multimedia platforms inc. blogs, forums, social networking sites and games. I am particularly interested in universe creation, which involves fleshing out a story’s world and recreating it, and multiplayer architecture, which means many people working together to tell one story or build one world.

This is the ‘digital author‘: he or she who uses new, interactive social media alongside traditional marketing strategies to tell a story to an audience.

I like old-fashioned romance, Twin Peaks, steampunk, psychonauts, Alan Rickman, Japanese anime, Gothic horror novels, criminology, parapsychology, cats, bats, ravens, Derren Brown, champagne, soft cheese, Miro, Kahlo, Caravaggio, Charlie Brooker, Cecil B. DeMille, shaman, outer space, philosophy, Sailor Jerry, adult cartoons, comic books, the history of the British Isles, the search for Shambhala, rollercoasters, retro-futurism, Helvetica, Hula girls, snowglobes, freakshows, fairytales and white rabbit holes.