1. Continue the story.
2. Talk directly.
3. Control and measure buzz.
4. Build a universe.
5. Market creatively.

I am a passionate believer in self-promotion and digital interaction, DIY distribution, content syndication and engaging the audience by establishing open and authentic dialogue.

One or two examples might better illuminate this concept:

Four Eyed Monsters

Four Eyed Monsters

The creators of runaway indie flick Four-Eyed Monsters talked to fans of a film they had not yet made through YouTube, then used crowd sourcing to fund it. Even enormous multi-million-dollar franchises like Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga pay attention to forum feedback, directly delivering content to their most loyal fanbase. In doing so, they empower their audience and involve them in the creative process.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Rather than being mute consumers, they become contributors.

Once upon a time on the Internet ‘new media’ meant YouTube and Google and ‘social media’ meant MySpace and Facebook. Now we must also consider Twitter, Bebo, seeding and feeds, WordPress and Blogger, Buzz and analytics, Digg and Delicious, Foursquare, forums, widgets and iPhone apps, Second Life, Augmented Reality Games and MMORPGs, to name but a few.

New trends and tools that keep us all better-connected are frequently being introduced, thus media creatives must match the momentum of the digital natives. In short, it is all about creating organic, snowball, word-of-mouth marketing. When the above strategies are implemented correctly with creativity and sensitivity, one can easily build a loyal and long-lasting audience.

Build a universe fans want to get lost in, then allow them to build upon that universe.

  • Are your characters on Facebook?
  • How long is a piece of string?
  • The ‘snowglobe’ effect
  • Diplomatic relations
  • Always Be Creating

The tools of social media

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